Why Swan Hangers


Swan Hangers is a domestic company and proud to be part of the “Made in America” revitalization. We have installed a state of the art manufacturing facility in Ontario, CA and have hired employees from local community to produce quality hangers for your needs. Consumers can take pride knowing in every purchase they are helping create local jobs and boosting the local American economy. The growing trend of tougher anti-dumping laws only reinforce the importance of made in America movement in American business.

Cash Flow

Swan Hangers can help your business maintain a steady cash-flow. The problem with this industry is we have either feast or famine. You place consistent orders with your overseas manufacturer, hoping they meet your demands. However, your overseas manufacturer, either ship you too much product in 1 month, or leave you starving for several weeks, or even months. You don’t have to suffer anymore. Swan Hangers is here.
Stay American. Stay Swan Hangers.

Floor Space

Swan Hangers is able to provide customers with just-in-time inventory, so you only have to pay for the products when you need them. When your overseas manufacturer sends you containers after containers and piles it all within a month, you have products over flowing your aisles and parking lot. We understand why you do it. You have no choice. It takes months for your overseas manufacturer to fill the order, and shipping logistics always finds a way to overbook the cargo space. All these external factors are beyond your control. That was the past, Swan Hangers is your future. With Just-in-Time inventory management, US Hangers can help you maximize your floor space by delivering products when you need them.

U.S. Reliability

Reliability has lost a lot of meaning in today’s economy. With the downturn of the U.S. economy, businesses are finding ways to save costs with drastic measures. One of the most recent trends is outsourcing to overseas manufactures. Prices are great, but quality suffers. But is quality the only thing that suffers? How about delivery times? Are your shipments being consistently delivered when you want them? Do you get too many or too little shipments? What does that cost your business? When you run out of products, your customers go elsewhere. Not just the hanger business, but all the other items you sell to them. When you get too much product, your overseas manufacturers is hounding you to pay your bills.

Is buying overseas worth it?

Imagine no more missed shipments. Imagine no more losing customers. Imagine no more overseas shipments. Keep those problems in the past. Let’s work together on the future.

Don’t compromise your company by investing into overseas companies.
Stay American. Stay Swan Hangers.

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